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We believe in the power of connection that helps unlock and achieve the strategic goals of the financial corporate whilst realising the potential of the Fintech in the rapidly developing world of Financial Technology.

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Niall Cameron

Founder of Fintech Connex
Founder of FintechAxis

My career has spanned finance, technology, data and digital across several decades. I started as a trader in the 80’s, moved into capital markets in the 90’s and into senior management in the early 2000’s. I have had Head of Markets roles at both ABN Amro and HSBC. I was fortunate to have been one of the senior executives at Markit Group where I learned about the power of financial data. Most recently I was Global Head of Digital for HSBC for the corporate and institutional business. I believe that Fintech is the future of finance and want to be part of that evolution.

Tim Sykes

Founder of Fintech Connex
Founder of FintechAxis

The consistent theme running through the various adventures in my career, from my time as an II ranked Analyst, a Treasurer, Government at UKFI and investment banking has been the strategic development of the financial services sector and its interaction with capital markets. The race to digitalise has only just begun for many participants. Such challenges have been met before by accepting the need to change and by embracing the best of what is available. Working to bring together strategic players with enabling Fintech companies is an obvious, natural and exciting next step.

Martin Neall

Founder of FinTechConnex
Founder of FinTechAxis

I have had the pleasure over the last 25 years of leading large, diverse Trading, Securities Services, Finance and latterly Digital transformation teams as both COO & CFO. I enjoy bringing a strategic perspective to any business I’m involved with, but I’m equally happy in amongst the weeds. Embracing the technology revolution of Financial Services is the next exciting challenge in my career. Working with Fintech Firms to help them collaborate and grow, by connecting them to our dynamic network of Connector Club members and Digital Influencers should keep me busy for the next 25 years!