Partnership& Advisory

With our core rooted in connection, we also believe in the power of partnerships. We want to align ourselves with great firms that share our ethos, complimenting what we do with the purpose of helping our Fintech clients.

NextWave’s partnership with Fintech Connex is a cornerstone of our connected consulting model, helping us to focus on accelerating digital transformation and building business solutions for our clients through leveraging the most exciting platform and Fintech firms in the sector.

Tony Clark CEO, Next Wave

Been there and got the T-Shirt!

Collectively the team at Fintech Connex has had a lot of experience and gathered a lot of knowledge. We are not going to add up the years as that would be too sobering! We know how big financial institutions work, how technology works and how Digital Transformation is changing the game. Most importantly we know how to drive commercial strategy and success from a wide range of product types. We can be a sounding board for your product and help shape your go-to-market.

One and one = three

Ok we are not Quants! Getting the right partners to help our Fintech clients get contracts and capital is key. We are collaborating with consultants, capital markets teams and end investors to create combinations that can get the job done. Through our affiliated company FinTechAxis we also have partners on search, real estate, brand, and marketing to help our companies grow and present at their best.

Appointing Fintech Connex as our advisors brings valuable experience to support us in this next stage of the firm’s expansion. It’s an exciting time for our firm!

Luke Waddington CEO, BlueFireAI

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